Ways Dentist Can Straighten Your Teeth

Many people who opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures have one more thing they are trying to achieve: straight teeth. Although some of us are born naturally with straight teeth, others must undergo an orthodontic treatment or straightening procedure like Invisalign to achieve the desired results.

In general, once the braces are removed, people do not use them enough to keep their smile straighter. Although dentists and orthodontists suggest that patients use their restrictions throughout their lives, this is rarely done because, after a while, the patient often loses, loses or simply stops using the restrictions.

Three ways a dentist straightens teeth

Fortunately, braces are not the only way to straighten teeth today. Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry have resulted in much simpler, faster and more comfortable methods. Invisalign, veneers and reshaping allow you to get a straighter smile.


Invisalign is a revolutionary method of the 21st century to straighten teeth. Invisalign subtly straightens the teeth with a series of almost invisible plastic trays. These trays, called aligners, are tailored to fit your teeth and mouth and gradually change teeth over time.

During an initial consultation with a dentist or orthodontist, print your teeth, take pictures and then work with a 3D image. The dentist will be able to plan the movement of your teeth throughout the treatment and will see a virtual representation of your teeth before and after the process. Then custom aligner sets are created for you, and during periodic check-ups, the dentist will monitor your progress and provide you with new sets of aligners that will adapt to your teeth as they move.

Invisalign is a discreet, practical and comfortable way to get the bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. Transparent and thin aligners are also removable. Better to drink, drink and brush your teeth is much easier than with a dental appliance.


Veneers are an excellent method that dentists use to correct discoloured, chipped, broken or bent teeth. They can also cover the spaces between the teeth. These thin porcelain shells are custom made to fit over your existing teeth once a thin layer of your teeth has been removed. Veneers are very durable and can last for many years. They also look very natural and have good stain resistance.

Contouring and reshaping

Reshaping or reshaping the teeth is another method used by dentists to correct small imperfections. Bent, cracked, splintered and overlapping teeth can be easily straightened simply by shaving a few millimetres of your teeth or adding a few millimetres of dental colour laminate.

The procedure is often used to change the length, shape or position of a person’s teeth and is virtually painless. Dental modelling is ideal for people with healthy teeth who only need a dentist to make small adjustments or repairs to get a perfect smile.


With Invisalign, the reshaping of veneers and teeth, people today have more options than ever to get a straight and beautiful smile. Whether for a general or aesthetic dental treatment, a dentist can perform a variety of treatments to restore the health of teeth and gums. And if necessary, proper procedures are carried out to help you get the perfect white smile.